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My Asian Twinks
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Meeting At Makoto's, Khan Enters

Posted on: June 18, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

Meeting at Makoto's apartment, he, in the black, chats with Khan, in the white. The pair soon realizes the connection they share. Attracted to one another, this is going to be a far "deeper" bond than either first thought. Japanboyz.com films just what happens when chemistry is felt and desires are explored. As Makoto sucks on Khan's dick, he watches the reaction and adjusts his oral abilities to heighten their pleasure. The boys trade places as Khan blows Makoto. Looking at his partner, Khan engulfs all, and then teases Makoto's frenulum with his flickering tongue. Standing, Makoto plays with his large, sensitive nipples. Moving inside, the boys wash one another up and suds all the "good parts." Making out in the bedroom, Khan will be topping Makoto, who lies down and receives more of Khan's skilled abilities. Enjoying the "extra bath," Makoto arches his back and squirms at all the sensations filling his body. Rolling under Makoto, Khan then lies on his back, hard and ready. Like outside, Makoto's mouth swallows and tempts every inch of the top. We leave you with a tease for next time, when Khan uses more than his tongue to satisfy Makoto.

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

Shosei & Makoto Have A Blast

Posted on: June 07, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

Shosei and Makoto get a room and get down to playing. These sexy Japanboyz.com twinks want to do it all to each other, and who are we not to film that. With Makoto's large nipples, Shosei arouses the boy before they shower. Hell, looks like they're both getting out of the shower "dirtier" than when they went in. We give Shosei a vibrator to "use at will," and by the time he's done, Makoto is raring to go. Once the pair strip Makoto's mouth goes right on Shosei's cock, then they 69 so that both may have a taste. Shosei has Makoto on his back and slips in a finger as he blows the twink; notice Makoto never lets go of Shosei's cock. From here, it's hard to tell who's the top and who's the bottom; I'd say they both "cum" out a-head. As they kiss, grope and fuck, they are getting closer to blasting; at one point, Makoto pulls Shosei's hand away from his cock so that they may prolong the fun. Pulling out, Shosei then strokes both boys, with Makoto blowing a pool onto his stomach. Next cums Shosei, who unloads stream after stream at Makoto. Up for the "firing squad," Makoto's face is covered in "ammunition," but he's not ready to surrender yet.

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

Makoto Tugs & Winks

Posted on: May 28, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

Today we have a sexy twink named Makoto. As I have him show off his muscles, before I have him show off his stuff, this is one hot boy. Showering, his naked body is as perfect as his smile. Hmmm, seems like Makoto likes the sensation of soap on his dick, nice. While chatting, I know I should be focused on his easy going personality and great laugh, but all I see is his large, hard nipples. This Japanboyz.com guy has definitely gotten my full attention; hope you enjoy what I'm filming, and smelling. Rubbing himself through his underwear, Makoto then pulls them down in the back and presents his hole. He then strokes his dick and tweaks his nips, nice. Dropping the drawers, he shows us the sticky rewards of his "handy work." I'd say Makoto is a natural giver, with loads to share; just watch him wink. Staring right into the camera, this sexy boy invites all to watch and enjoy his looks and body, along with a cumshot that's certainly a blast. Relaxed after he blows, I pan down his torso to get all the goodness on film.

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Doing Fuji, Who Wouldn't?

Posted on: May 23, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

Fuji and Yura check out Japanboyz.com and one of their earlier scenes. Looks like these two like to watch as they play; Yura reaches over and grabs a handful of Fuji, who wouldn't? Getting "interactive," the pair grind, stroke and kiss one another; Yura even does some nice tongue-on-one with Fuji's pits. Smelling Fuji's scent, has Yura wanting more; he rolls the boy up into a ball, and sucks Fuji's hole. Yura then becomes the focus of Fuji's tongue, hard cock and all. Working Yura's balls has him moaning, Fuji is happy to oblige. In a 69 and doing fine, both twinks have their mouths full of each other. Using a double-headed dildo, so no one gets left "behind," Yura works it into Fuji first, then himself. Fully aroused, Yura pulls out the dildo and puts the "real deal" in Fuji. As the bottom boy's ass wiggles in delight, Yura just goes harder, again, who wouldn't? Changing it up with several hot positions, once Fuji is on his back, the boys click on one of their scenes again. Watching and fucking, Yura pulls out just in time for he and Fuji to cum together; loads of oozing goodness pour forth.

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Yura Tames Fuji's Beast

Posted on: May 16, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

While Fuji's in the shower, Yura gets naked and plays "dress up" with his dick; something about "feeding the animals" comes to mind. Switching off, Fuji comes in and adds his "croc cock" to the mix. Together, the boys pet the monsters before they fuck. Kissing, sucking nipples and getting Fuji on his back is all part of Yura's plan to "tame the beast," lucky boys. With some really hot close-up camera work, we get to enjoy all of this Japanboyz.com pairing, without a fence; mind your hands. The more Yura touches Fuji, the more aroused he gets and the more aggressive. Yanking the bottom boy's hole to his lips, Yura licks Fuji's sweet hole. Fuji tries to reciprocate, "butt" Yura's got other plans. Both strip down, lose the puppets, and relish one another fully.

Fingering Fuji, Yura then slides in and immediately pounds away. Watching the twinks fuck is so hot; whatever the position, the wildlife is being fed. Seems like Yura can't keep his hands off of Fuji's dick, as he does a nice reach around. Fuji does a nice sit-in-and-spin on Yura's cock as they face one another, still going strong. Their bodies start to intertwine and with all the fondling, these two have to be getting close. The bottom boy gives a heads up and asks Yura for more thrusting action. Accommodating, Yura pumps the cum right out of Fuji then explodes his own load right in the condom. I think these two need another shower to wash off all the "animal instincts" they released.

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Four To Adore Finale

Posted on: May 07, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

As four goes to three, Fuji's hard dick is readied for Yayoi. Sliding down, and taking it for a ride, Yayoi also manages his mouth onto Khan. The trio settles in for some fun, changing positions and enjoying their evening "in." On his back, the bottom boy is easily stimulated by Fuji's pumping; Khan's mouth and hands also help. When it's time for Fuji to blow, both Yayoi and Khan line up, face first. Blowing a thick treat for the boys, Fuji's dick is then licked and sealed with a kiss. Khan then takes matters into his own hands, as he holds Yayoi's dick. Blowing up the torso of Yayoi, Khan and all these boys know the real benefits of friendship.

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Four To Adore

Posted on: April 24, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

In their apartment and enjoying an evening of fun and laughter, all of these Japanboyz know where this evening is headed. First, Ryoma sneaks off for a quick feel. As he plays and hardens, he reaches into his underwear. That's when the rest of the boys come in; this is where the fun begins. Bringing himself up, Ryoma's got his hands full, luckily Khan can grab the gel and lube up his bud. The other's "follow suit," and strip. Hands start going everywhere; from now on, I'll just say, "those lucky boys are very helpful." Lifting up Ryoma's legs, the others show off his hole, hairy and hungry. As the "bottom boy," tries to cop a feel from Fuji, they both realize that "this mountain," has oozed out some precum. That, with a bit more tugging, sends Ryoma over the edge, as he spews. Pairing up, Khan and Ryoma begin to kiss; Fuji and Yayoi lock lips as well. The coupling gets even hotter as fingering turns into fucking, "butt," that's for the next video. So "cum" back, and watch these guys explore and explode.

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Gravity's Not Stopping This Rocket

Posted on: April 16, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

Rocket is 18 and deliciously fresh. He's "pansexual," and looking for whomever gives him that spark. As I shoot, and I do mean "launch," Rocket is one of those models who not only looks hot, but he is the "hole" package. Born in the US, he is of Korean descent; a first generation, with "ass-pirations" of his own. He chose his name because of his "distance;" which he does live up to. Chatting, he also mentions that he'd like to try some bondage and spanking, but for now, "I really just want one guy to fuck me good," which hasn't happened yet. Stripping with the music, his porcelain skin contrasts nicely with his red briefs. As a Japanboyz.com model, he's got what it takes and he's willing to share. As Rocket gets a morning call, he "wakes himself up" and begins to rub. Done with the call, he is not done with himself; using both hands, Rocket thrusts his hips and moans, touching his nipples and spreading his legs. Getting up to shower, he's not "shot" yet, but I'm sure his morning routine will end with a "bang." Soaping up, he then turns to let the water slide down his hot twink body; ah, to be those soap bubbles. Rocket then goes to check out some porn; getting very hard, and very horny, he begins to explore his hole. Zooming in on his head, precum starts oozing out; showing some "self-love," Rocket quickly licks up the nectar. As his hole puckers and is fingered, he starts to moan, "yeah, fuck, fuck; I think I'm gonna cum." Rocket gasps and he's not the only one. The countdown has begun...

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

Japanese Boy - Akinori

Posted on: April 07, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

A little solo action today from Akinori, for us to enjoy. Just sit back and enjoy this Japanboy.com model; feel free to jerk along as this twink is all about satisfying. Cock in hand, he works himself up as his balls bounce to the strokes; unshaven and all natural. Seeing his entire torso tighten and flex, he has a great body. Changing into several positions, Akinori knows how to arouse. Lying on the bed, Akinori tweaks his nipple while masturbating, enjoying all the self-pleasures. Lifting his leg, he presents us with his gorgeous hole, allowing our imagination to take over. Sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock, this boy tugs to orgasm. Close, he sits on the edge of the bed and shoots off his load, splattering the floor. All of the jizz leaves a sweet "trail" right back to Akinori.

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

Passionate Pleasures

Posted on: April 01, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

We welcome Shosei on the right and his partner for today, Ryo. These sexy twinks for Japanboyz.com just want to get to the sex, but the director chats them up a bit about what they would like to do. Shosei usually tops, and that's just fine with Ryo, whose hole is puckering for a dick. In the tub, washing each other first, the boys explore one another as their passions grow. The two kiss, touch and orally delight one another in such a loving manner. Shosei is able to swallow Ryo all the way to his balls; as the bottom boy watches and enjoys, he holds his partner's hand. Ryo takes in the top's thick shaft and bobs, happily. Docking their dicks together, the pair soap up one another, then move to the bed for more "probing." They are so into one another, the world falls away; they adore what the other has to offer. Both dicks stay hard as their focus remains pleasuring the other. Shosei then has Ryo on all fours, lubes up the bottom's sweet hole, and fingers him passionately; the fucking will come next.

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Gay Asian Porn Videos

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